Primary schoolchildren are to be taught about about sexual consent under a major review of sex education in schools.
Minister for Education Richard Bruton has asked policymakers to review the 20-year-old curriculum on relationships and sexuality education to ensure it meets the needs of young people in Ireland today.
He has specifically asked the State’s advisory body on the curriculum to consider updating information on sexual consent at both primary and secondary level.
In addition, he wants topics such as safe use of the internet, the effect of social media on relationships and LGBT issues to be included in sexual education classes at both primary and secondary level.
“I want to ensure that the RSE [relationships and sexuality education] curriculum meets the needs of young people today, who face a range of different issues to those faced by young people in the late 1990s,” he said.
“This review will help to inform decisions regarding the content of the curriculum and how it is delivered.”
The issue of whether students are receiving adequate sexual and relationships education has been an ongoing debate, especially in some faith schools.

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